Bib Racer Recognition

This project is going to experiment bib number annotating for trail running photos, then linking up the runners’ faces in those photos with the bib numbers and finally searching all the photos with similar faces, but without the corresponding bib numbers shown in the photos. The outcome should be able to automate the race photos tagging process, which is a manual task currently. Source code is available in my Bib Racer Recognition repository in GitHub.

SVHN Data Preparation

In previous post, I talked about how to use the h5py package to read MAT-file that contains bounding box information of the SVHN dataset. After we successfully reading the bounding box data, we can start to train a neural network for the SVHN recognition task. The bounding box data provided in the dataset is the position, size and label of each digit in the image, which means for a 4-digit house number, there are 4 boxes in total and each one is just bounding 1 digit, as shown below:

Bib Racer 03 - Face and Bib Detection with YOLO network

I just made a very simple face and bib detection program following the post by Adrian Rosebrock, with the weights trained with the downloaded trail running images using method described in the previous post. The speed is not very fast, which take more than 1 second for an image. Certainly, it is Google Colab free tier, so there are lots of variables that we cannot control and even do not know.

Bib Racer 02 - Training with RBNR Dataset

In previous post, we talked about how to scrape and download photos using Selenium and BeautifulSoup, from an online photo album of a trail running event. The next step is to identify the bib numbers in the photos automatically. This can be divided into two subtasks, the first one is to identify the location of the bib in an image, and the second one is to recognize bib numbers in the identified bib.

Bib Racer 01 - Scrape Images

I had participated in trail running races for 2 years. All of those races are exciting and unforgettable, with stunning scenic views and different kinds of challenges. During each of the event, there are many enthusiastic photographers, amateur or professional, taking numerous pictures of racers and putting them online for download either freely or with fees. In order to find the photos for a particular racer, one needs to either look for those photos from countless albums each containing more that hundreds of photos one by one and by naked eyes, or some websites can let you input the bib number to and get the photos with the number for you.