Office 365 subscription problem

Office 365 couldn’t verify subscription

Today when I open Microsoft Word, there is a yellow bar under the ribbon telling me that it cannot verify the Office 365 subscription, and asks me to check the internet connection.

Microsoft Word prompts it cannot verify the subscription

The warning is seen all over the Office 365 products, e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Regardless the warning, the Office suite still functions properly, but the warning message is quite annoying. And according to previous experience (yes, this is not the first time), the software will eventually stop working after a ‘grace’ period.

The solution(s)

The version of Office running in my Windows 10 is Office 365 ProPlus, a search on the web suggesting many different possible solutions, most of them are network setting related, such as troubleshoot network adapters, update drivers, or restart network adapters. However, as the computer can go online properly, none of the above suggestions work.

There is another direction aiming to solve the issue by resetting the activation state of Office 365 ProPlus. I have tried that also, clearing all the keys but still didn’t help at all.

No product keys installed

DHCP issue

The proper solution to the problem in my case lies in the “DHCP Client” services. For some reason that I am not aware of, this service has been disabled:

DHCP Client service disabled

Since my PC is running on static IP so I can still connect to the network as usual with this service stopped. By changing the startup type to “Manual” and start the service as shown below, the warning is now gone.

DHCP Client service enabled again

I believe the root cause is not directly related to the DHCP Client but one of the services depending on it, but I won’t bother it this time. :)

Services depend on DHCP Client
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