Chunking Method in Language Learning

Today when I looking around for some language self-studying tips, I come across an interesting video by Mr. Donovan at The Mezzofanti Guild. It is about a method called ‘chunking’ which mainly focuses on breaking the language you are learning into small chucks that is manageable then internalize it. I think it should be quite helpful for my German studying and below is the summary of this method.

Chunking Method

  1. Choose a sentence or clause that contains 1 or 2 new expressions or vocabularies that you need to practise.
  2. Listen to that sentence a lot, over and over again.
  3. Practise, repeat saying it a lot, loud or in heart, wherever you are.
  4. Play around with the sentence, change or add some elements of it, and say again.

Crusial: The material chosen should be 90% comprehensible / understandable to you.


Leo Mak
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