Bib Racer 01 - Scrape Images

I had participated in trail running races for 2 years. All of those races are exciting and unforgettable, with stunning scenic views …

Trail Running Nutrition Plan

The bottom line of a nutrition plan is about 200-300 calories per hour. It translates to 50 - 70 grams of carbohydrate ingestion per …

Chunking Method in Language Learning

Today when I looking around for some language self-studying tips, I come across an interesting video by Mr. Donovan at The Mezzofanti … Course v3 Lesson 7 Notes

Basic CNN with batchnorm Question: How to calculate numbers in the output column Param? It’s shown in the doc but seems …

Office 365 subscription problem

Office 365 couldn’t verify subscription Today when I open Microsoft Word, there is a yellow bar under the ribbon telling me that … Course v3 Lesson 6 Notes To label unlabelled data for you. Tabular learner Rossmann Store Sales data set When dealing with time series data, most … Course v3 Lesson 5 Notes

Back propagation To calculate the loss between output layer/final activations and actual target values. Use the resulting losses to: … Course v3 Lesson 4 Notes

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Multi-label prediction with Planet Amazon dataset The data block API Classes involved: Dataset: an abstract class for retrieving an … Course v3 Lesson 2 Notes

General notes regarding previous lesson No need to feel intimidated for all the good projects in lesson 1. Just open your imagination …