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Leo Mak

Enthusiast of Data Mining


A data nerd interested in mingling data with simple algorithms and mathematics, currently works as laboratory technician in the Department of Mathematics in University of Macau. His works include planning, setting up and managing the computing infrastructure that serve the researches in the department.

Leo also has more than 5 years experience in digital marketing and digital analytics. He is experienced in analyze online activity, user behavior and measure effectiveness of marketing channels. His responsibilities include creating monitor dashboards and reports that deliver actionable analysis and insights.


  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematics Computation
  • Music
  • Trail Running
  • Star Gazing


  • MSc in Mathematics

    University of Macau

  • BSc in Software Engineering

    University of Macau

  • Data Science Specialization

    Coursera and Johns Hopkins University

  • Machine Learning

    Coursera and Standford University