Making Matplotlib in Docker draws in Windows through WSL

The initial title of this post is "A Simple Docker Example", which is going to show how to plot a simple Python program into …

Docker Notes

Some notes while learning Docker with the Docker Getting Started Tutorial. Basics Concept: container is an isolated environment for …

Setting up an OpenMPI cluster within a LAN

We have purchased several DELL PowerEdge R640 servers several months ago as computation nodes. What we want to have is to build a small …

SVHN Data Preparation

In previous post, I talked about how to use the h5py package to read MAT-file that contains bounding box information of the SVHN …

Access SVHN data in Python using h5py

Several days ago I was trying to train a neural network on the Street View House Numbers (SVHN) Dataset. I was working on the test set …



Bib Racer Recognition

This project is going to experiment bib number annotating for trail running photos, then linking up the runners’ faces in those …

ETF Correlation Analysis

In portfolio theory, one of the important aspects of effective portfolio building is using uncorrelated, or less correlated in reality, …

Coursera Data Science Specialization Capstone Project

This is the summary of works for the capstone project of Coursera Data Science Specialization. The purpose of project is to build a …

Logistic Regression

Some of my reading notes on logistic regression.

Linear Regression

Some of my reading notes on linear regression.


Leo Mak

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A data nerd interested in mingling data with simple algorithms and mathematics. Love to tinker everything from my baby’s toys to a deep convolutional neural network. Trombone, trailrunning, star gazing are the things that I can’t miss.


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  • MSc in Mathematics

    University of Macau

  • BSc in Software Engineering

    University of Macau

  • Data Science Specialization

    Coursera and Johns Hopkins University

  • Machine Learning

    Coursera and Stanford University