Install CUDA and cuDNN to Ubuntu Server

We have installed and set up JupyterHub in the previous post. To make use of the GPU card in the server, we are going to also install …

Setting Up JupyterHub on Server

We have recently added a computing node equipped with a Tesla V100 for some machine learning projects. This node will also serve as a …

Making Matplotlib in Docker draws in Windows through WSL

The initial title of this post is "A Simple Docker Example", which is going to show how to plot a simple Python program into …

Docker Notes

Some notes while learning Docker with the Docker Getting Started Tutorial. Basics Concept: container is an isolated environment for …

Setting up an OpenMPI cluster within a LAN

We have purchased several DELL PowerEdge R640 servers several months ago as computation nodes. What we want to have is to build a small …



Bib Racer Recognition

This project is going to experiment bib number annotating for trail running photos, then linking up the runners’ faces in those …

ETF Correlation Analysis

In portfolio theory, one of the important aspects of effective portfolio building is using uncorrelated, or less correlated in reality, …

Coursera Data Science Specialization Capstone Project

This is the summary of works for the capstone project of Coursera Data Science Specialization. The purpose of project is to build a …

Logistic Regression

Some of my reading notes on logistic regression.

Linear Regression

Some of my reading notes on linear regression.


Leo Mak

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A data nerd interested in mingling data with simple algorithms and mathematics. Love to tinker everything from my baby’s toys to a deep convolutional neural network. Trombone, trailrunning, star gazing are the things that I can’t miss.


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  • MSc in Mathematics

    University of Macau

  • BSc in Software Engineering

    University of Macau

  • Data Science Specialization

    Coursera and Johns Hopkins University

  • Machine Learning

    Coursera and Stanford University